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Men's Range: Conditioning Shampoo

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Our Coffee Energising Shampoo supercharge your senses with cofee and de-stress your nerves with Pippermint oil. Enriched with green coffee and organic Glycerin foams into a light foamy lather, which leaves hair feeling invigorated. Green coffee is unroasted coffee or coffee left in its natural state in order to maximise its natural benefits. Enriched with Pippermint oil, the shampoo provides you with a blast of cooling sensation which instantly awakens your senses.

Key Ingredients

Green Cofee Extract, Pippermint oil, Argan oil.

How to use

Take the desired amount and apply to either half of the hair, starting at the nape. Massage into the roots with your fingertips, gently, improving blood circulation. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a terrycloth towel, do not squeeze with a rough towel for the best results.


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