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Lemon Hydrosol

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This refreshing hydrosol water is steamed distilled in small batches in-house.
Lemon oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and fungicidal benefits. When applied to the skin, in either skin care products or directly sprayed onto the face, these benefits are passed onto your skin. Hydrosol waters make great soothing and refreshing facial toners!

Key Ingredients

Citrus limonum distilate water

How to use

Floral waters can be used as part of the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required. They can be added to skin care, baths, as a spritzer to refresh or relax and they make excellent linen and air fresheners.spritz directly onto your skin when it require to rehydrate your skin. It helps to treat scalp related diseases.Lemon hydrosol is mostly used in the aromatherapy section.It is also used in the production of cosmetic products.


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