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Everyday Gentle Face Scrub

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Whatever your skin type, gentle exfoliation is a necessity in your everyday routine. Loaded with the power of five fruits extracts, jojoba beads, and coconut shell powder our face scrub exfoliates naturally, using ahas and gentle micro-exfoliation. The natural ingredients not just purify but also nourish and moisturise the skin, creating a clean but supple finish on your face. Rid yourself of excess oils, everyday pollution and dead skin build up with this hydrating product.

Key Ingredients

Extracts from bilberry, sugarcane, orange, sugar maple, and lemon increase skin elasticity and give smooth, younger looking skin while unclogging your pores.

Jojoba beads
Jojoba beads are gentle exfoliants and do not irritate or damage the skin. It is also effective in treating inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Coconut shell powder
This natural exfoliant helps remove black heads, resulting in smooth skin. It is also an eco-conscious alternate to environmental hazards like plastic micro-beads.

How to use

Lather with water (at whatever chosen temperature).

Rub onto the skin in gentle circular motions for maximum effectiveness and increasing blood circulation.

Wash off with water, dab softly with a soft towel

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