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Disinfectant Spray - Green Tea

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Can be used to sanitise over a hundred surfaces, hard and soft and as many places and objects! From your car to your bathrooms, children toys, and generally the air around you. The disinfectant spray is formulated keeping in mind the fact that your surroundings comprise a wide range of surfaces, hard and soft. Its a versatile spray that can be used on all hard surfaces like toilets, bins, sinks and soft surfaces like sofas and mattresses, leaving it disinfected with a fresh fragrance. It helps protect your family from illness by killing 99.9% of bacteria around you and provides a hygienic environment need to wipe. No wiping required, just hold and spray 15-20cm away from the surface until covered with the mist. Allow the surface to air dry without wiping. Hassle-free spray that can be easily used in the most difficult to reach corners and surface. Its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.

viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew.

EFFECTIVE On multiple surfaces, more than 100 different hard and soft surfaces.

Key Ingredients

Green Tea Fragrance 

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