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Color Safe and Stain Removal Liquid Laundry Detergent

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6 in 1 Eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent with the power of enzymatic stain fighters to remove some of the toughest fresh food and drinks stains on the spot. Liquid Laundry Detergent is supercharged with specially formulated ingredients to help remove everyday stains, including greasy food stains.* It also keep white garments white and colours their original shade. It can be accomplished by its dye transfer inhibitor technology.
Made from Plant-based surfactants and is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Gentle foam from the coconut-derived ingredients softens the cloths without making them rough.
The light, delightful scent of new Tropical Breeze flings will make your nose feel like it’s in paradise. The odour-elimination of the tropical breeze, they’ll bring a breath of fresh, moonlit air in your laundry room. Superior, efficient cleaning detergent

  • Deliver on “tough to remove stains”
  • Reduce the effort required to clean clothes
  • Preserve colours and whiteness in fabrics.

1) It breaks down Proteins for e.g Blood, Milk, Tea, Coffee, Grass, Palak (Sabzi), Sebum. etc.
2) Its Break s Carbohydrates for e.g Potato, Ketchup, Rice, Wheat,
Corn, etc.
3) Oil, Cosmetics, Body oil, sebum etc
4) It removes pectin for e.g Fruit Juices and fruit stains.
5) it removes – Chocolate, Processed food, Cosmetics, dressings


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