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Basil Hydrosol

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Produced by steam distillation of organic basil leaves ,Basil hydrosol consists of a vast number of therapeutic properties such as anti-septic, astringent, and analgesic. It helps in regulating the oil secretions in the body, and reduces pores. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, the floral water provides relief from irritated skin. The ones who are looking for an instant remedy for headaches can benefit from this floral hydrosol. 

Key Ingredients

Ocimum Basilicum floral water

How to use

Floral waters can be used as part of the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required. They can be added to skin care, baths, as a spritzer to refresh or relax and they make excellent linen and air fresheners.spritz directly onto your skin when it require to rehydrate your skin. Suitable for all types of skin, this is acne-prone and helps in controlling blemishes, controls sebum and refines the pores. This is an excellent toner that is used to add moisture to the surface of the skin

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