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Ashwagandha Sucralose Sachet

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Sweetness without the sugar and health benefits of ashwagandha!
Each sachet of azafran naturale gives you the sweetness of sugar without the extra load of calories and with added benefits of ashwagandha. Soothe your body and relax your mind. Calm is what you will experience with the ancient power of the indian ginseng, ashwagandha, to release stress and boost your energy. Enhance you vigor and vitality. Improve your sleep pattern and let your worries melt away. Its a safe and ideal low calorie companion without having to worry about the calories. Each teaspoon of sugar gives you about 20 calories without any nutritive value. Azafran sugar free gives you the same taste but with just 4 calories !. Made from sugar and tastes like sugar. Made from sucralose the international zero calorie sweeter.Safe and ideal low calorie sugar substitute.Does not promote tooth decay & easy to carry around.Made from sugar
But with just 4 calories

Key Ingredients

sucralose and Ashwagandha extract 

How to use

24 packets of azafran sachets provides the same sweetness as a cup of sugar.Use the azafran low calorie sweeter sachets to sweeten your tea, coffee, cereal, juices, indian sweets and cold beverages

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