Organic Farming

Our Standards

Our belief that nature offers the best solutions to every beauty and wellness need drives us to formulate and manufacture our products free from toxic chemicals. We use flower, fruit and root extracts, minerals, essential oils, hydrosols and cold pressed oils each one carefully selected to work with one’s body’s own system. Our farms and its soil have gone through the rigorous process of testing for years to claim organic. Azafran has built organic contract farming partnerships to bring you the best nature has to offer.

We believe that people are part of elements of nature, and our formulas and ingredients recognize the power of the nature to balance mind, body and spirit allowing your beauty to shine through.



Raw materials and sustainable sourcing are at the forefront of our standards 

Since the beginning, Azafran has respected the environment and earth’s natural resources. Our environmental consciousness goes beyond our sourcing to include every aspect of our company, our products and our packaging. Sustainable packaging manufactured from sustainable materials are to be recycled once its packaging life is over.

India is a country full of Bio-diversity. But our sourcing does not begin and end here. We source our ingredients globally who believe in the our ideology.



Water and energy are needed in every manufacturing process. We continually improve our processes and today re-condensing our water to feed it back into the cycle or use it in our own certified organic farms once treated. Over the period of years we reduced our water consumption by over 10%


Organic Agriculture and farming

On Azafran farms we implement organic farming practices wherever possible.

We produce excellent raw materials while replenishing and maintaining the land and its living communities from microbes to wildlife. For more than a decade Azafran has been practicing organic farming, have carried out numerous heirloom produce projects within our surroundings and partnerships with farmers.

We continue to research and evolve new solutions in our efforts to make our footprint on the planet as gentle as possible.



Azafran’s cosmetic ingredients are certified organic by ECOCERT and USDA, which requires that no cosmetics be tested on animals and enforces this prohibition.


Ethical Sourcing

We still cultivate our own organic farms and work in fair trade agreements with small farmers and gardeners to source the best raw materials.

We still strive to make the best non-toxic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, GMO-free, phthalates-free and synthetic fragrance-free products available in the marketplace.