From nature with love

Our botanical based butters and waxes are inspired by ancient practices.

Nature has its own limitations when it comes to offering us butters and waxes that occur physically in nature. But, it has given us plant oils. We, at Azafran, with little help from technology emulate the physical attributes of naturally occurring butters and provide a wide range of hydrogenated organic plant oils.
Our organic butters and organic waxes add protective and moisturizing properties to your formulations. Organic and vegan butters are rich in essential nutrients and are well suited for inclusion in skincare, haircare, aromatherapy formulations. They give consistency and stability to healing balms, body butters, lip balms and creams.Our coconut butter will drift one off in the direction of the Pacific and our lavender butter will conjure up images of Provence in summer. Our organic and vegan waxes provide an outer layer of protection thereby helping to retain moisture.

Quality Checking

We have an on-site climate controlled warehouse. Every single order with us is packed with utmost care, and we guarantee our products arrive on time and in excellent condition. Each batch is carefully tested for balanced; stable pH and consistency to deliver superior results. Our Butters and Waxes are tested in terms of appearance, melting point, iodine value, peroxide value, acid value and saponification value. Standards and guidelines are the foundation of our process, and help us meet our commitments of delivering premium products to our customers.
Our extraction processes are approved by ECOCERT. From harvesting to extraction all the required procedures are done with utmost care. It is this quality and traceability that makes Azafran Butter & Wax stand out in the crowd.