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custom formulations

Research & Development

We can create custom formulations or recreate an existing formula to develop unique products targeted towards your specific needs.

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contact manufacturing

Private label

Through contract manufacturing we offer you a path to grow your business globally at a fast rate with minimal resources.

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Cosmetic Manufacturing

Cosmetic Manufacturing

Be it a part of the process or all, we offer versatile services catering to the needs of cosmetic companies.

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Organic Butters


A wide range of organic and conventional butters to be used in making formulations.

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organic waxes


Our waxes are made from leaves, peels and fruits of different plants or are separated from plant oils by de-waxing.

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Organic Carrier oils


Premium carrier oils for that are cold pressed with a wide range of industry applications.

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Organic essentialoils


Our essential oils are the go-to ingredient for lotions, oils, serums, toners and balms.

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Organic Hydrosol


Our hydrosols are created capturing the unique properties and aroma of the selected herbs.

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Organic Squalane


Produced via hydrogenation of vegetable derived Squalene, it is 100% vegetable origin and biodegradable.

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